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Neko Luxury Cat Hotel

Neko Luxury Cat Hotel is a cat hotel that was created by the love of cats and more than 10 years of experience taking care of cats which enable us to know cat's behaviors and characteristics well. There are 5 different themes with 19 different designs of rooms. Each room are design based on cats' behaviors that like to discover, climb, jump, run around and sleep.

To reduce cats' stress & nervousness from changing locations and being away from their owners, Neko pays the most attention to the importance of the clean&safe environment for cats and good hygiene for every single cats hat will be our guests.

We take care of every cats like our own cats. Our determination is to build Neko Luxury Cat Hotel to be a hotel that when the owners bring their cats to us, they do not have to worry about the wellbeing of their cats here. So that the owner can enjoy and have a pleasant journey throughout the vacation, work etc. and always think that our hotel is truly a second home for your kitties.

Term & Condition

Booking a Room

Confirm the date you wish for cat’s stay, drop off time and pick up time for your cats. A 50% deposit will be required in order to book a room. The remaining balance can be paid on the drop-off day (Booking without a deposit transfer won’t be count as booking)

For New Year’s and Songkran holiday, please transfer the deposit in full amounts. In case of room cancellation, cancellations can be made 15 days prior to arrival. Full amounts of deposit will be return.

  • If you wish to extend the duration of cat’s stay without an advance notice and all the rooms in the hotel are full on that day, we will have to move the cat into a temporary accommodation, which is a spare room we have. Room rate is the same as normal room.
  • If you wish to reduce the duration of cat’s stay without an advance notice, we won’t refund the money for remaining days.

Bank Account

Name : Paveena Viboonsuntipong

  • SCB
    Account number 085-225160-3

  • TMB
    Account number 182-2-16636-7

  • KBank
    Account number 007-1-90280-3

Terms & Conditions

  • Every cats must be vaccinated against basic diseases such as Rabies, Leukemia, Measles. Please bring the health record on the day you bring your cats in
  • Cats must be 3 months old or older
  • We do not accept aggressive cats or male cats that be in heat
  • We only accept cats that are fed from closed systems only (closed systems means cats that only stay inside the house) in order to prevent fleas and other carriers that can spread to other cats in the hotel
  • In case that cat is sick while on the stay with us, we will notify the owner immediately and can take the cat to the vet (expenses according to the hospital bill)
  • In case of cat's death or being sick while or after the stay with the hotel, we do not accept any responsibility since we have asked for the health record beforehand. We believe in our cleanliness, safety, and high quality of hygiene.

Necessary documents and stuffs to prepare and bring on drop-off day

  • Vaccination record
  • A copy of owner’s ID card/passport
  • Cat food or other snacks
  • Cat sand (If it is not convenient for you to bring the cat sand, we offer a cat sand at the hotel in market price. We have sandboxes so you do not have to bring that)
  • Toys, blanket or cushion bed that your cat use at home.

Drop off & Pick up

  • Inform the specific time you will drop off and pick up your cats
  • Cat’s pick-up time can be no later than 8PM. If it is going to be later than that, please add one more night and pick up your cat on the next day. (To not disturb other cats. At this time, most cats are sleeping already)

Communication during cat’s stay

We will send photos and video via line (id:nexoluxury) or Facebook message. The updates will be on every other day and one time per day.

Visit the Hotel

Our cat hotel is open from 09.00-20.00. Please make an appointment before visiting the hotel.

  • In every appointment, please indicate the specific time and be on time.
  • If cats are left behind, we will prosecute the Animal Protection Act.

Media Interview

Pet Care Gallery

The Trust Townhome : Address: 603/30 Nuan Chan Rd, Khwaeng Nuanchan, Khet Bueng Kum, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10230
The Trust Townhome located at Nuanchan road, between Soi 21-23. Receive a visitor card at the guard post, then drive along the road about 300 metre. At the end of the alley you will see Neko Luxury Cat Hotel on the left.

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